IGLO Events

IGLO Open are seminars organised by the member organisations and are held the first Tuesday of every month, except for August.

The organisation rotates between the Members according to a schedule. The member organising an IGLO Open session is in charge of the topic as well as the registration. If you would have any questions about an upcoming event, please contact the organiser.

Once a year, the IGLO Annual Reception is held. This usually takes place in June, and is organised by the Chair of IGLO, with support of the Members.

Past events

3 March 2020

“Future of ERA”

Organised by SLORD, the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development.

5 February 2020

“The future prospects and challenges of Eurostars”.

Organised by FiLi, Finnish Liaison Office for EU R&I.

8 January 2020

“Identifying and developing missions under Horizon Europe”

Organised by PolSCA, Polish Science Contact Agency of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

5 November 2019

“The state of play and results of the co- design consultations on the upcoming programme Horizon Europe”

Organised by CZELO, Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation.

4 July 2019

“Implementing the Agenda 2030 – How can Research and Innovation contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?”

Organised by SwissCore, Contact Office for European Research, Innovation and Education.

12 June 2019

IGLO Annual Reception

Keynote speaker: Ms. Signe Ratso, Deputy General Director DG RTD.

4 June 2019

Organised by Enterprise Ireland – Brussels Office

7 May 2019

“European Partnerships in Horizon Europe”

Organised by ELO, Estonian Liaison Office for EU RTD.

2 April 2019

“Strategic Planning in Horizon Europe”

Organised by DANRO, Danish EU Research Liaison Office.

5 March 2019

“How do clusters connect ecosystems and boost innovation across Europe? Lessons learnt from EU cluster policy.”

Organised by: ISERD, The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate; LINO, Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office in Brussels; and SLORD, Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development.